ZAP Fiji

About Us

ZAP provides pest control for the greater Wellington Area. With over 34 years experience and a passion for staying up to date with the latest pest control techniques & tools you are guaranteed a great service every time.

ZAP Fiji

a locally owned and operated Company

Sanjesh Prasad..Dodi to his friends...has spent quality time with our Wellington operation being mentored and fully trained in all aspects of pest control and washroom hygiene.


ZAP Fiji can provide a professional approach at the right price. If you are needing pest control or hygiene services we would like you to know that there is, now, a real choice of service provider.

We have treated many local restaurants, hotels, markets, schools and private residences

Sustainability is always basic to our approach...we promote organic pyrethrum dispensers and prefer trapping programmes for rodents

We have sourced modern and efficient air fresheners and sanitisers. Liquid soap and high foaming sprays are also installed and regularily serviced...all at a better price.



phone   998 1990