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Our registered handlers fix any pest problems

  • Same Day Wellington Pest Control Service
  • 90% Of our pest control jobs resulted in a complete fix on the first visit
  • A registered pest control technician will consult with you before we go in ‘guns blazing’ to ensure we use the right insecticide for the job

Can’t keep the ants out of your sugar?

Laying your own traps or putting down poison can be a good first option,  but  when the pests just don’t seem to take a hint, it’s time to call in the professionals. Laying your own poison can even be dangerous, especially if you have little ones crawling about, in which case it might not even be an option!

Safer Pest Control

We take care to always use the right tool for each job. In many cases we can use non skin absorbant chemicals to ensure your family's safety.  
Our pest control technicians are all registered with the pest management association of NZ. This means your pest control is carried out safely and efficiently. It also means you’re not going to get a cowboy! 


Success 1st Visit

Get your pest problem fixed

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It’s important for us to consult with you before we go in ‘guns blazing’ to ensure we use the right insecticide for the job.


Pest Control

By targeting the pests habitat our skilled technicians can eliminate your pest problem on the first try without any repeat visits.


Live Pest Free

90% of the time your house will now be immediately free of those annoying pests. Some situations will require a longer strategy, which we will discuss before we start.

 “We call and ZAP comes running, day or night

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