Eradicate and exterminate rats
and mice

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There is absolutely nothing good about rodents for they are dirty disease carrying animals which over the years have killed millions of people. In todays world there has been some opposition to some methods of control with the use of "sticky boards". Using this method results in the rodent dying in a distressed state. We only recommend this for zero tolerance  toxic free areas such as hospitals.  Generally the use of traditional rodent traps works well if correctly sited. With locked tamper proof rodent bait stations good control can also be achieved.
So, what is the best way to deal with these creatures. In today's world sustainability must be the basis of all pest management programmes. Using several rat or mouse traps will produce excellent results....but consder these things
Don't disturb the habitat whilst trapping. Rats and mice are cunning and will pick up on any changes in their environment
Pre feed before setting the traps. Use peanut butter. The mature rodents will take a couple of days to trust the new feed source, so only set traps once or twice a week.
Remove the traps every day. Don't clean the traps with only repells the rodents.