About ZAP Pests.NZ

Trust Zap for effective pest control at your Wellington or Kāpiti property.

 In 2000 Rodney Tregerthan and Neill Herdman registered ZAP Ltd. as a new property-care company in Wellington. Later, Pests.NZ Ltd. was formed to fully reflect pest control as an important component of the ZAP Group.
Alan Dawson became Financial Director in 2006.

Our staff numbers grow by the year and currently Pests.nz employs 2 full-time professional pest control technicians and 2 trainee technicians.

Our pest control services include:

ant control
termite control
flea control
cockroach control
rodent control
spider control
wasp control

Our team can deal with all your commercial and residential pest control needs in Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, Kāpiti and throughout the Wellington region.

Professional commercial pest control for a hygienic and safe business premises

ZAP offers effective commercial pest control services to keep your Wellington-based business clean and safe. Pest control for food safety is especially important in restaurants and cafes and ZAP can ensure your kitchen and front of house is kept clean from pests including cockroaches and flies.

Our team can also set up regular monitoring and treatment with full documentation for commercial premises.

ZAP pests.nz is...


Neill Herdman        

  • Director Operations Manager
  • Master Registered Technician
  • Approved Handler
  • Pest Control Technician of the Year
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Jordan Herdman  

  • Master Registered Technician
  • Approved Handler
20201218 ZAP - Silverstream  JM 8913 (1)-381-105

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