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Treat your house for borer without the smell of kerosene.

Borer Treatment WellingtonThe life cycle of the common house borer allows  plenty of opportunity for treatment. Most have heard the story of the adult borer flying around the house and that this is the only time to treat. This was based on the old borer-bomb approach which required exact timing and a lot of luck to minimise the infestation. In fact the application of insecticide at any time during the year will produce excellent results. Whilst in pupae stage the borer is close to the surface of the wood thus being killed by insecticide soaking a little into the wood.

Now...talking about soaking into the wood. Recently a insurance claim for a burnt down house was declined because the house owner had, a month earlier, treated his property for common house borer with insecticide carried in a solvent solution. The insurer stated that as the owner had effectively introduced an acelerant to the house and therefore no cover! All somewhat frustrating for there is no doubting the superior penetrative power of kerosene. Flame retardant additives have yet to be fully tested in law.

The residual smell from kerosene stays with the property for weeks and is the most common complaint regarding this method.

With a sustainable approach when ever possible, ZAP goes the extra yard with environmental issues. After much research and experience, a water based synthetic pyrethroid is the best choice if the dwelling is in a temperate climate. These active ingredients lose efficacy when in temperatures over 25%c.

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The safest approach to a borer infestation is to treat the property with a water based wood infestation specific insecticide. This needs to be done by hand which can mean a bit of a messy job crawling under house and into roof space. Because water will not penetrate as far as kerosene a second treatment is recommended after 18 months. This will certainly eradicate and exterminate the borer beetle from the infested areas. Other approaches which may involve fumigation or salts are available but are not as environmentally friendly as we would prefer.

ZAP offers full documentation and certification of treatments for a service that will need to be quoted for on a job to job basis, for charges can range from a few to many hundreds of dollars. Like all pest control, the initial inspection is vital, for going to a job with a pre-determined approach will, sooner or later, bite you! Contact us for that free inspection.

As well as effective termite control we offer a full range of pest control services, including ant control, flea control, cockroach control, rodent control, spider control, wasp control and all your commercial pest control and residential pest control needs in Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Kapiti, Porirua, and throughout the Wellington region.

We guarantee our treatment for a period of six months. Commercial pest control sprays will not last for ever. They are made to break down in the environment for safety reasons. If you should experience a borer re-infestation within six months of your treatment, we will come back and treat the area free of charge.

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