Zap pest control in Wellington can assist with spider control, removal and spider proofing your home.

White tailed spiders eat other spiders who eat bugs.....

There has been much research into the effects of a white tailed spider bite and although often inconclusive there is plenty of evidence to suggest that some people do have radical reactions if bitten. It could be worse. If the Daddy Long Legs spider could get its jaws into our skin it would kill us. There is a theory that if a white tailed spider has eaten a Daddy Long Legs just before it bites a person then the extremely toxic venom could be transferred.

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katipo_in_Wellington1.jpgEradicate and exterminate spiders from your house, sheds and buildings with a residual insecticide applied with a precision misting applicator. Farm homes and buildings are best done at the beginning of the season...although as is the case with many pests...the best time to do pest control is right now! Often the cost of this treatment is around the $180 mark.


There are many other species of spiders and depending on the initial inspection treatment details can be agreed. There are choices of dusts, sprays and fumigation for these treatments. As always the skill of the technician in determining the type and extent of the infestation is vital.

As well as effective spider control we offer a full range of pest control services, including, ant control, cockroach control, termite control, rodent control, flea control, wasp control and all your commercial and residential pest control needs in Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Kapiti, Porirua, and throughout the Wellington region.