It's the small ones in the hot water cupboard that you need to be aware of !

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German cockroaches are causing huge health problems here in New Zealand. You need to eradicate and exterminate them! Often found in warm areas like hot water cupboards and the back of fridges are first places to inspect. Until recently cockroach gels have been extensively used throughout the Wellington area. Now, with the new-age "Indoxacarb" sprays we have extremely high success rate, even in areas were previously we have had on going issues.

It is never a matter of covering everything with insecticide ... for that may include tooth brushes and pillows ... no, directing the treatment to the exact areas is the safest and most efficient way of tackling the problem.

We can guarantee we will solve the problem, for even in the most difficult of situations, we will return as often as it takes.
Other cockroach species include American and Black Cockroaches which may require a spraying programme to give best results. If applied judicially cockroach baits and sprays can be used together... especially in tropical areas good consistent on-going results are achieved.