White footed ants in Wellington and Hutt

  white footed ants on wal

Don't they send you mad? Well you are not alone... and here's a thought..

It is unlikely that you will ever completely eradicate them!

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But you can keep them out of your house and you can do it safely.

Ants first appearance was around 120 million years ago, their social organisation and ability to defend themselves attributed to their success. They form highly organised colonies and operate as a unified entity, all working together to support their colony, hence the reason they are known as the number one pest in Pest Management. Did you know that some species of ants can also be a public health problem and can short circuit electrical components enough to cause a fire? 

The queen's eating habits effectively makes baiting an unwise approach, for when the nest feels threatened new queens head off in all directions to begin new nest thus multiplying the problem. There are some new active ingredients which may work better and time will tell. ZAP certainly continues to trial new baits for the Industry and keeps itself informed of new developments.

A non-repellent, ultimate ant control agent with the unique 'Transfer Effect" has the success of treating the ant problem without any warning, giving ants no time to react to it or avoid it. They continue with their regular routine, travelling to and from your home, walking right into it. Those ants passes it on to more ants and then to the entire ants nest. 

Why treat outside?
It may be recommended that an exterior ant treatment be applied. 
The ants inside your house may actually be living on the exterior, travelling back and forth foraging for food and water. The ant control is in fact applied on the exterior foundation walls to create a treated area of protection, not a barrier as a barrier might end up trapping the ants inside your home. 

Qualified PMANZ Pest Technician
"Do it yourself" ant control efforts can actually make things worse. Over-the-counter sprays, repellent or baiting can cause a phenomenon called "budding", where ants are separated from the parent nest and queen and start their own colonies. 
For the most effective and successful control of ants, we recommend that you use a professional licensed pest control manager. 

The professionalism of the initial inspection and resultant Integrated Pest Management plan is critical to any successful pest control treatment for insecticide will probably be required to get the nest inhabitants flushed out of the house and also leaving some residual to ensure no immediate re infestation. There are several ways of doing this depending on environmental and architectural considerations. ZAP asks the question "why" and often we find unusual circumstances which support the infestation. Ants want shelter, food and water..... nothing unusual about that!

We charge $280-$350 +gst for initial treatment and possibly a further $100 six months later.

Alternatively, annual ant management plans which include regular 3 monthly treatments are available for $600-$700 pa

A few tips to help keep an ant free home
- Trim vegetation away from the house
- Empty waste baskets often and keep trash bags sealed 
- Clear or dispose of uneaten pet food
- Use pest-proof containers
- Wipe spills