White footed ants in Wellington and Hutt

  white footed ants on wal

Don't they send you mad? Well you are not alone... and here's a thought..

It is unlikely that you will ever completely eradicate them!

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But you can keep them out of your house and you can do it safely.

thermal fogger
The thing with the white footed ant is the queen's eating habits which effectively makes baiting an unwise approach, for when the nest feels threatened new queens head off in all directions to begin new nest thus multiplying the problem. There are some new active ingredients which may work better and time will tell. ZAP certainly continues to trial new baits for the Industry and keeps itself informed of new developments.

The professionalism of the initial inspection and resultant Integrated Pest Management plan is critical to any successful pest control treatment for insecticide will probably be required to get the nest inhabitants flushed out of the house and also leaving some residual to ensure no immediate re infestation. There are several ways of doing this depending on environmental and architectural considerations. ZAP asks the question "why" and often we find unusual circumstances which support the infestation. Ants want shelter, food and water..... nothing unusual about that!

Crack and crevice insecticidal dust application will often help with this "making the house an unpleasant environment for ants".

A thermal fogger is a very efficient method of getting insecticide to the problem areas, but only in vacant premises, for insecticide literally goes everywhere and into everything.....but good to exterminate the ants.
Once achieved insecticidal barriers around the dwelling may be needed, as would regular "top ups".

We charge $300-$400 +gst for initial treatment and possibly a further $100 six months later.

Alternatively, annual ant management plans which include regular 3 monthly treatments are available for $600-$700 pa